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W.R. Harris, Author

Advocating for a Compassionate Church


20 Encouragements  for the Depressed Christian Book Cover

By W.R. Harris

20 Encouragements for the Depressed Christian

July 2020 Release

Is depression weighing you down? Do you need biblical encouragement? As depressed Christians, there are many things that can burden us. We face myriad lies and challenges. Some of them, unfortunately, come from the church, and some of them don’t. This book offers deeply biblical (yet very readable) teaching and encouragement to live a fuller life. Among the issues addressed are: – Loving others when you’re depressed- Dealing with feelings of inadequacy – Being honest with God- Letting go of anxiety- Shame- What to do when people make insensitive remarks. With this book, you’ll take a step towards a more meaningful life with Christ and with others.


W. R. Harris

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W.R. Harris is a Christian author. He communicates urgency and understanding of timely topics close to his heart and experience.  His passion topics are mental health, spiritual growth, creating a more just world, and understanding the Bible.  W.R. Harris has written seven books and is an active podcast contributor.   He is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Denver Seminary and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

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Harris challenges the church to confront modern-day issues and address them head-on.  His books speak smartly and profoundly to the hurting Christian who may feel the church no longer has the answers to today’s most pressing issues.

– E.J. Carter

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Creating a Just Church and Society_Book_Cover

Creating a Just Church and Society
Religion and Spirituality

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The church is called to more than simply calling individual souls to salvation. The church is called to be just and it is called to make society more just. What does that look like in 21st century America? In Creating a Just Church and Society, W.R. Harris explores this topic with depth and clarity, and he offers practical suggestions.