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Book Review: Climbing Backward Out of Caves: A Case for Religious Faith Based on Common Sense

Posted on As an evangelical, I’ve read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, and I’ve heard the arguments for faith taken from Lee Strobel and Tim Keller. In American evangelicalism, at least, there seems to be limited arguments you can choose from when defending your faith. The same arguments are recycled over and over. In a way, that’s […]

The Church

Book Review: El Moreno, Vendetta di Dio

Posted on   El Moreno, Vendetta di Dio: A Desert Legend About the Other Side by John Harris is a sort of modern-day Dante’s Inferno. The main character takes a trip to “the other side,” and pairs up with El Moreno, who is an administrator of God’s justice to damned souls. This book, in my opinion, is needed in […]

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First Ebook Published and Available on Amazon

Posted on   There’s the link to An Evangelical Mess: Essays on American Evangelical Culture from an Evangelical’s Perspective. It’s available cheap. I’m already in the works for my second (and third, actually) ebooks. You can get the first part of my next one by subscribing to my email list (the pop up or the sidebar on […]