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In Churchthink’s first interview episode, Dave Ebert and I discuss how to love God, ourselves, and others through depression. We discuss signs that other people are depressed and how to help them, ways the church can help depressed people, and we encourage anyone who is struggling to take a brave step and reach out to someone. If you are depressed or you know someone who is or you just want to know more about depression and how to help people who struggle with it, you will be blessed by this episode.

More about Dave Ebert:

Dave Ebert is a credentialed minister, improviser, improv coach, speaker, and host of the Gifts for Glory Podcast, a show featuring testimonies of faith and how the guests are using their gifts for God’s glory. Dave rededicated his life to God in January 2013, and shortly thereafter he relocated back to the Chicago suburbs where he’s spent the last 8 years using his gifts for God’s glory. He founded the Well Versed Comedy improv ministry team in 2013 and has been performing clean comedy all over Chicago-land since. Since 2018, Dave has been using his passion for God and comedy in teaching improv to sex trafficking survivors. Dave has a passion for using the healing power of God-honoring comedy.


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